Zhentong Electric Appliance Factory Has Successfully Passed The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Audit

Jieyang Zhentong Hardware and Electrical Appliance Factory was established in 2000. Focus on R&D and production of hair straighteners, hair dryers and curlers. For 23 years, we have focused on developing more market recognized, fashionable and cost-effective products. Our straight hair splints, curling sticks and hair dryers are mainly sold in Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and other countries and regions. All products can be customized according to different national standards. It has passed CCC, CE, RoHS, PSE and other certifications.

Zhentong Factory has its own mold workshop, injection workshop, assembly and packaging workshop and warehouse. It has its own R&D team, production team, packaging team and quality inspection team. At the same time, our factory has also passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification. The quality of products can be better guaranteed through process oriented and professional management.
In October 2022, our factory has reached the annual ISO audit time again. ISO 9001 is strict with the factory quality management process, and all the following items need to be completed to successfully pass the factory audit.


1. After the applicant organization has signed a formal Management System Certification Contract with the certification authority, the certification authority starts the certification audit;
2. The certification authority shall arrange document reviewers to review the management system documents provided by the applicant organization;
3. The Audit Department of the certification body is responsible for formulating the audit plan, including appointing the audit team leader, selecting other members of the audit team, determining the audit time, etc;
4. When the applicant organization deems it necessary, it shall notify the certification authority to conduct preliminary review;
5. Before the on-site audit, the audit team leader shall notify the auditee in writing after preparing the audit plan and obtain the written confirmation of the auditee on the audit plan;
6. The quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and food safety management system certification should generally be audited in two stages. The applicant should pass the first stage of audit before conducting the second stage of audit. The initial audit of the quality management system certification of engineering construction enterprises is conducted in two stages;
7. The audit team conducts on-site audit according to the audit plan;
8.For the nonconformities found in the on-site audit, the auditee shall formulate and implement corresponding corrective measures, and report to the audit team leader in writing. The audit team leader can recommend certification registration to the certification authority only after the corresponding corrective measures have been taken for all nonconformities and verified to be effective;

9. The audit team leader shall submit an audit report to the certification authority. The audit report shall explain whether the management system of the audited organization meets the relevant standards and certification requirements. The audit report reviewed and approved by the certification authority shall be submitted to the auditee or the audit client;
10. The certification authority shall review the on-site audit data (including audit report) submitted by the audit team and make a certification decision conclusion;
11. The general manager of the certification body approves the certification registration and issues the certification certificate;
12. The General Management Department of the certification body shall issue certification certificates and relevant certification materials to the certificated organizations.


As our factory is an ISO certified factory for many years, the data and daily production process have met the requirements of CQC. In the process of factory audit this year, it was also quickly recognized by the factory inspection expert team, and successfully passed the factory audit.

In addition to regular product production, Zhentong Electric also provides OEM&ODM services. At present, its products have passed CCC, CE, RoHS, PSE and other certifications. At the same time, the factory has also passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which can customize the logo, packaging, color, product configuration, and even a new style for customers. If you are interested in our factory or products, please contact us.


Post time: Dec-26-2022