What Are The Benefits Of Oem Model? An Oem Factory Specializing In The Production Of Hair Dryers And Hair Straighteners For 23 Years

What OEM represents is actually a thought of division of labor, a thought of refining competition, and its core is that enterprises should "do what they are best at".
OEM is not a new creature, but has new vitality, because it has penetrated into various industries and fields. It does not follow the high-end route. It is not high-end customization, but customization.
As the social division of labor becomes more and more detailed, many companies pay more and more attention to the in-depth discussion of products, and will outsource some processes with high production costs and complicated processes.

What is OEM?
Original Equipment Manufacturer, literally translated into original equipment manufacturer, refers to the production of products and product accessories by one manufacturer according to the requirements of another manufacturer, also referred to as OEM or authorized OEM.

What are the advantages of OEM?
1. Reduce investment cost and investment risk
2. Mature product building model
3. Increase commodity diversity
4. Highlight the company's own advantages
5. Make the brand more competitive
Jieyang Zhentong Electric Appliance Factory, as a factory specializing in research and development and production of hair dryers and hair straighteners. In the past 23 years, Zhentong has developed more than 200 products. We also provide OEM and ODM OEM services for dozens of brands. Zhentong Electric has rich experience and can provide competitive products and high-quality services for your company and brand. Zhentong Factory has its own mold workshop, injection workshop, assembly workshop QC team, and packaging team, allowing us to independently manage the production key processes and improve product quality control.
key processes and improve product quality control

If you are interested in our factory or products. You can contact us by email. We can show you our factories and products online or offline. We can also provide samples to customers for testing, and also support customization of products with different standards, such as CE, CB, PSE, IEC, UL, etc.

So, if you are starting to create your own brand or want to make your product catalog more rich and professional, you might as well contact Zhentong Electric Factory. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Post time: Feb-03-2023