• OEM Flat Iron Factory LCD Display Hair Straightener

    OEM Flat Iron Factory LCD Display Hair Straightener

    ZF-9919 is Zhentong’s first hair straightener with lock function, which is convenient for users to store after use. At the same time, it also has a variety of different functions for customers to choose from. In addition to the basic constant temperature version, it can also customize the temperature-regulating flat iron, the negative ion hair protection function straightening plate and the hair straightener with ceramic glaze plate. Zhentong Factory is a foreign trade factory for more than 23 years, focusing on providing customers with ODM and OEM services for hair dryers, hair straighteners and other products. The 1-inch wide hair iron plate is suitable for most user scenarios, and can meet the use requirements of straightening hair and curling hair in 2-in-1. The anti-scald design on the outside of the hair straightener and the use of high-temperature resistant nylon material make it safer to use.

  • Wide Plate Flat Iron Wet and Dry Hair Straightener

    Wide Plate Flat Iron Wet and Dry Hair Straightener

    ZF-3229 is a hair straightener with four temperature regulation. Different temperatures of 160 ℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃ and 230 ℃ can be applied to different hair and styling needs. This model has a 3.5CM wide heating plate, which can contact the hair to a greater extent and shorten the time for users to straighten hair. Since the launch of this product, the 3.5 * 11cm ultra-wide panel has always been an important reason for customers to like it. The flat design adds competitiveness to the appearance of this hair straightener. Each year, the production quantity of this product exceeds 300000 pieces, which is enough to show the market’s recognition of this product. This product is usually designed with a constant temperature of 200 ℃. At the same time, Zhentong Electric Factory also provides customized services with adjustable temperature. At present, the old customers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Argentina and other countries and regions choose the product configuration of thermostatic hair straighteners more. In Europe, customers in the United States, Japan and South Korea choose the product configuration of adjustable temperature hair straightener.

  • Hair Straightener Hair Curler 2 in 1 Flat Iron

    Hair Straightener Hair Curler 2 in 1 Flat Iron

    A unique hair metal tape is the ZF-3227. This product’s four heat plates are its most notable feature. With straight hair and curly hair, it may heat both the inside and the outdoors at the same time. By using injection moulding, area treatment techniques like painting and electroplating, and high temperature resistant PA66 material, the shell is created. To provide a clearer and more stable temperature, the product uses an LCD display and an effective PTC heating element. Users can easily change the temperature to achieve the perm, straighten, curl, etc. effects they want.